Technical center/Laboratory

Resolving the problems as name of service before sales

Each of our sales offices is equipped with an application lab and technical center is open in Noda city, Chiba and Osaka city.

In the facilities, we provide serve before sales to resolve problems of our customers through the sample test and evalutaion. Also we suggest suitable know-how for welding and other proccessing.

In the technical centers and Nagoya lab, dedicated engineers support to do sample test. This service is world wide and garnaring immense praise.

We welcome customers who want to use laser welders, markers, and fine spot welders, and who can not find the best way to weld and proccess. We welcome to do sample test. Please contact us.

Laser welding lab.
Laser welding sample
Fine spot welding lab.
Fine spot welding sample
Laser marking lab.
Laser marking sample

Technical center/Laboratory is open in each office.

Domestic Sales Offices TEL
Tomiya city +81-22-348-1040
Noda city +81-4-7125-9920
Isehara city +81-463-96-3578
Nagoya city +81-52-201-3330
Kanazawa city +81-76-269-0073
Oosaka city +81-6-6394-9881

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Please let us know by phone call or e-mail to each office.

Contact for repair/recovery of AMADA Micro Welding products and our corporate activities.