AMADA WELD TECH products support our daily lives in everywhere

Our business provides development, manufacturing, sales, and after sales servide in a consistent way.

AMADA WELD TECH is a manufacturer of laser welders, laser markers, resistance welders, and systems that include those welders and markers. We provide total solutions to contribute on customers by the business. To provide not only welders or markers but also systems with values like our original technology, superior design to operate and maintain. Our company supports manufacturing of all over the world, based on "Optimized suggestion for each customers"

Our products support our daily lives in everywhere.

Hybird car
Fine spot welding of sensor
Laser welding of engine parts
Laser wekding of vibration motor
Automotive electronics

  • Welding of EV and HV batteries
  • Welding and Fusing of motors
  • Marking of car navigation systems
  • Welding of plugs
  • Welding and processing of harnesses
  • Welding of sensors and ECUs busbar
Fusing of motor
Semiconductors and Packages

  • Marking of silicion wafers
  • Marking of Ics and chips as well as burr removal
  • Laser soldering to the substrate
Marking of IC
Digital consumer electronics

  • Welding and marking of DVD, BD, and HDD recorders
  • Welding and marking of digital camera, video camera components
Mobile equipment

  • Welding of lithium-ion battries
  • Welding and marking of mobile phones, smartphone, tablet terminals and music players
  • Welding of speakers, vibration motors, etc

  • Marking of LCD televisions glass
  • Welding of LCD backlights
  • Marking on display substrates
Personal computers

  • Marking of keytops
  • Welding of hard disc components
  • Welding of LCD backlights
Optical Communications

  • Welding of laser diodes
  • Welding of LD modules for optical fibers
  • Welding of LED modules, etc.
Medical equipment

  • Welding of catheters, orthodontic braces, and injection needles
  • Marking of medical devices, such as surgical knives and forceps
Electronic components

  • Welding and marking of sensors
  • Cutting and marking of crystal devices
  • Welding fo connectors and relays
  • Welding of capacitors
  • Repair and trimming of substrates
  • Welding of FETs and IGBTs
Aviation and space

  • Welding of hydraulic valves
  • Marking of bushing rubber
  • Welding of turbine blades

  • Resistance brazing of eyeglass frames
  • Welding of fountain pen tips
  • Welding of fuel rods
Marking of mechanical parts

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