Development Spirit of AMADA WELD TECH

AMADA WELD TECH's Technology

The skill of craftsmanship is added to our ideals of "Challenges, Creativities, and Pursuit". AMADA WELD TECH always utilizes cutting edge technology continuously to provide environmentally-friendly products and we update the image of welding and processing in the industry.

Welding and processing technology are indispensable in the industrial manufacturing for various different products from aerospace industry to mobile phones and PCs. Miyachi is one of the few companies in the world that has comprehensive technological prowess in laser welding and processing as well as resistance welding that it has developed itself. We provide products of excellent quality of high speed products at low price. And also we contribute to the saving-environment by developing lead-free technology.

Miyachi keeps on challenging into the future to support continuously the electronics industry and bring values to all the companies that employ our equipment.

The first in Japan that succeeded in developing and commercializing fiber laser welders

AMADA WELD TECH develops new products based on our well experienced technology and know-how of welding and fine processing which have been fostered in many years. We have produced our unique and new technologies in order to realize the innovation for customer’s productivity by means of combining with our cutting edge technologies in optical component, laser structure, control equipment and software, mechanics of welding head and high current control.

Our developed laser equipment can produce the ideal “light” which is suitable for welding and processing. The output waveform of its “light” is optimized for focusing and irradiation with high density and efficiency.

As for laser products, we are developing the new products for variety of needs such as expanding to the market of higher precision and very fine processing, higher laser power, applying for higher reflectivity materials, reduction the running cost by longer lifetime of LD and reduction of environmental load by lower power consumption.

And we are developing the precision resistance welder of the biggest market share by means of optimizing the big three elements of “welding current”, “welding time” and “welding pressure” and freely applying for wealth of know-how which enables reliable joint strength in any kind of joining applications.

And our monitoring / measuring equipment for quality management such as “high precision multi-inline-monitor for laser welding” and “weld checker for resistance welding” will contribute to ensure higher quality and stabilization of processing, and will be helpful for customer’s new product development and productivity upgrade.

We have promoted to commercialize a fiber laser welder with higher power!

We have achieved to commercialize the fiber laser welders with up to 1kW and now have been tryingto develop futher more.

Our fiber laser welders are not only domestic products but also suitable for formulation as a system and for introduction into production lines.
Additionally, our service network supports customers worldwide and provides reliable pre-sale and after-sale services. Our products are certified safety standards around the world. We will try to enhance our fiber laser business globally.。

The solutions that we provide. The technology developments, products, and software.

We keep on moving forward in resolving problems with the existing products, meeting the needs of customers, improving cost performance and developing unique products based on our own technology.
In addition, we have planed to develop the control software specially optimized for individual products that meets our customers' needs.

Developing original products with added-values such as superior maintainability and operability, and equipping a multiple in/out puts, we will achieve truly user friendly systems.
We seek the synergy effects created by the system that allows us to provide customers the hardware and software at one-stop order. Doing that, we aim to secure the stable and firm position in the field of welding and processing for the electronics industry. Miyachi carries out a strategy which makes us break its shell as a device maker and offer "solutions optimized for individual customers".
Would you please count on us. The solution that Miyachi would provide to you.

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