The 2010s

The years of Quantum leaps

Various new products as single mode fiber laser welder are released.

Became a member of AMADA group and company name is changed AMADA MIYACHI.

The 2000s

The years of Progression

Developed fiber laser welders at first in Japan.

Offices and factory were established in Shanghai, China.

The 1990s

The years of Expansion

Developed YAG laser welders with real time power feedback function at first in the world.

Company name was changed Miyachitechnos.

The 1980s

The years of Growth

Developed compact YAG laser welders at first in the market.

Main office was transfferd to Noda city, Chiba.

The 1970s

The years of Foundation

Developed measurement machine of welding at first in the world.

Established in 1972 at Arakawa dist., Tokyo.

Contact for repair/recovery of AMADA Micro Welding products and our corporate activities.