DC Inverter-controlled welding power supplies


Model - Month/Year:
end of after sales service
alternative models
DC-200 - expired
DC-201 - expired
DC-210 - Mar/2000 expired
DC-510 - expired
IP-100 B Mar/2004 expired IP-100D
C Aug/2007 expired IP-100D
IP-120 A Jun/2005 expired IP-100D
IP-200 B Mar/2004 expired IP-200D
C Jun/2007 expired IP-200D
IP-205 A expired IP-100D
A-D expired IP-100D
A-DL Sep/1994 expired IP-100D
IP-207 A expired IP-200D/IS-300A
IP-215 A Aug/2006 expired IPB-5000A
IP-217 A Aug/2006 expired IPB-5000A
IP-400 A Mar/2004 expired IP-400B
IP-417 A Aug/2003 expired IPB-5000A
IPA-2500 A Sep/2003 expired
B expired
IS-120 A Nov/2000 expired IS-300A
B Jul/2015 expired IS-300A
IS-217 A Apr/2004 expired IS-300A
IS-220 A expired IS-800A
IS-221 A Apr/2001 expired IS-300A
IS-241A-00-00 - expired IS-800A
IS-260A-03-01 - Oct/1995 expired IS-800A
IS-417 A expired IS-300A
IS-440 A expired IS-800A
B expired IS-800A
IS-441 A expired IS-800A
IS-443 C May/2016 expired
IS-444 B Sep/2002 expired IS-800A
C Aug/2015 expired IS-800A
IS-460 A Oct/1995 expired IS-1400A
IS-471 B Sep/2002 expired IS-1400A
C Oct/2012 expired IS-1400A
ISB-200 A Sep/2012 expired IS-300A
ISB-300 A Nov/2017 Nov/2024 IS-300A
ISB-600 A Apr/2018 Apr/2025 IS-800A
IS-600 A Scheduled to be discontinued on Dec/2019 IS-800A
ISB-800 A Sep/2016 expired IS-800A
ISB-1400 A Nov/2017 Nov/2024 IS-1400A
SIW-315i MULTI Dec/2007 expired IS-300A,IP-100D
SEAM Dec/2007 expired
SIW-340i MULTI Dec/2007 expired IPB-5000A,IS-300A
SEAM Dec/2007 expired
SIW-604 - Oct/2010 expired IPB-5000A
SIW-608AD DC Apr/2015 expired IS-300A
AC Apr/2015 expired MIB-300A
SIW-615AD DC Dec/2013 expired IS-800A
AC Dec/2013 expired MIB-600A
Recommended alternative model:
It's not the completely compatible model.
Please ask us the details.