Transister-controllied welding power supplies

Model - Month/Year:
end of after sales service
alternative models
MD-1500 B-H-2A expired MD-A4000B-05
MD-3000 B-A expired MD-A4000B-05
MD-1000 E Feb/2001 expired MD-A1000B-05
E-2A Jun/1999 expired MD-B2000B-05
MD-1500 E May/2000 expired MD-A4000B-05
MD-2000 B-B May/1999 expired MD-B2000B-05
MDA-1000 A Oct/2003 expired MD-A1000B-05
MDA-4000 A Apr/2003 expired MD-A4000B-05
MDA-8000 A Mar/2003 expired MD-A8000B-05
MDB-2000 A Mar/2003 expired MD-B2000B-05
MDB-4000 A Apr/2003 expired MD-B4000B-05
MDC-2000 A Sep/2003 expired MD-C2000B-05
MDA-1000 B-00* Apr/2010 expired MD-A1000B-05
MDA-4000 B-00* Apr/2010 expired MD-A4000B-05
MDA-8000 B-00* Apr/2010 expired MD-A8000B-05
B-01* Apr/2010 expired MD-A8000B-06
B-03-24* Apr/2010 expired MD-A8000B-08-54
MDB-2000 B-00* Apr/2010 expired MD-B2000B-05
MDB-4000 B-00* Apr/2010 expired MD-B4000B-05
B-02-04* Apr/2010 expired MD-B4000B-05-30
MDC-2000 B-00* Apr/2010 expired MD-C2000B-05
MSW-103 e Dec/2007 expired MD-A1000B
MSW-206 β Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
MSW-306 e Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
MSW-412 β Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
γ May/2013 expired
e-0001 Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
RP-Ⅱ Dec/2007 expired MD-B4000B
MSW-3000 - expired
UFW-211 RP Dec/2007 expired MD-B2000B
UFW-411 - Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
UFW-416 RP Dec/2007 expired MD-B4000B
UFW-816 - Dec/2007 expired MD-A8000B
SFW-112 -0202 Dec/2007 expired MD-A1000B
SFW-412 -0202 Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
RR-0202 Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
-S202 Dec/2007 expired MD-A4000B
SFW-424 RR(824) Dec/2007 expired MD-A8000B
SFW-824RR Series - Feb/2010 expired MD-A8000B
Recommended alternative model:
It's not the completely compatible model.
Please ask us the details.