YVO4 laser markers

Model - Month/Year:
end of after sales service
alternative models
LM10 - expired ML-7320EL
LM25 - expired ML-7350EL
LM35 - Jun/2004 expired ML-7350EL
LM45 - Apr/2000 expired ML-7350EL
LM50 - Jul/2002 expired ML-7350EL
LM5G G Jun/2004 expired
LMQ-1112 - Mar/2005 expired ML-7320EL
LMQ-2503 - Nov/2004 expired ML-9011A
ML-7110 A Jul/2004 expired ML-7320EL
B Apr/2017 Mar/2024 ML-7320EL
ML-7111 A Scheduled to be discontinued ML-7320EL
ML-7112 A Oct/2010 expired ML-7320EL
AI Apr/2015 expired
AH Scheduled to be discontinued 
ML-7122 AK Sep/2011 expired
ML-9000 A Apr/2017 Mar/2024 ML-9011A
ML-9001 A Scheduled to be discontinued ML-9011A
Recommended alternative model:
It's not the completely compatible model.
Please ask us the details.