Weld controls

Model - Month/Year:
end of after sales service
alternative models
CS-1300 - Jun/2001 expired
CS-1300+SC-171B - Jun/2001 expired
CS-1300+SC-181B - Nov/1999 expired
CS-1300+SC-90 - expired
CST-1300 - Jun/2001 expired
CT-100 A Sep/1994 expired CT-110E
CT-1101 - expired CT-110E
CT-110 A expired CT-110E
B Jul/2007 expired CT-110E
C May/2016 expired CT-110E
D To be discontinued - CT-110E
CT-1201 - expired CT-110E
CT-1600 A expired CT-110E
CT-222 A expired CT-110E
A-C expired CT-110E
CU-4800 A Sep/1994 expired
CX-700 - Jan/2003 expired
A expired
B-E expired
H Dec/2002 expired
HB Dec/2002 expired
CY-11100 A expired
CY-1201 - expired CY-210E
CY-1401 A expired CY-210E
CY-150 A Sep/1994 expired CY-210E
CY-170 A Dec/2004 expired CY-210E
CY-170A+SC-171B - Dec/2004 expired
CY-170A+SC-181B - Oct/2003 expired CY-210E+SC-181B
CY-180 A Feb/1997 expired CY-210E
CY-210 A expired CY-210E
B Oct/2007 expired CY-210E
B-90 Nov/2002 expired
C Jun/2016 expired CY-210E
D To be discontinued - CY-210E
CY-210B+SC-171B - Nov/2002 expired CY-210E+SC-181B
CY-210C+SC-181B - May/2016 expired CY-210E+SC-181B
CY-21100 - expired CY-210E
CY-220 A Oct/1999 expired CY-210E
B Sep/2000 expired CY-210E
CY-220A+SC-171B - expired CY-210E+SC-181B
CY-220B+SC-171B - expired CY-210E+SC-181B
CY-222 A expired CT-110E
SC-171 B Nov/2002 expired SC-181B
SC-90 - Dec/2000 expired
-2 Feb/2001 expired
SCW-250 10 Dec/2007 expired CY-210E
Recommended alternative model:
It's not the completely compatible model.
Please ask us the details.